• The Company History

    PT. Milatronlka Karya Nlaga (PT. MKN) Is a trading company of agro business who is focusing as a marketing agent of Perum Perhutani (Persero), Inhutanl l, lnhutani IV. and PTPN III. The major commodities, to be marketed, are Gum Rosin (60%), Gum Turpentine (20%), Crude Gum/Oleo Pine Resin (ORR) and Derivative Rubber (20%)


    1990 Established in Surabaya with paid-up capital amount of Rp. 50.000.000,-(Fifty Million Rupiah)
    1990 – I995 As a business partner with PT. PAL Indonesia to supply goods and services. As a business partner with government of East Java province to provide goods and services; spare parts of vehicles. train. plane and ship; and also to supply spare parts for agriculture, plantation, fishery and forestry. As a business partner with PT. (Persero) Pelabuhan Indonesia (PeIindo) III in supplying goods and services
    1992 Start the business of non-agent of Perum Perhutani that dealt with spot market” to market non-wood product i.e. Gum Rosin and Gum Turpentine
    1994 Appointed by Perum Perhutani as a foreign marketing agent to sell non-wood products Gum Rosin and Gum Turpentine to European countries
    2000 Perum Perhutani allowed PT. MKN to widen the market up to USA, New Zealand, Australia and Asia countries for non-wood products Gum Rosin and Gum Turpentine
    2005 Additional paid-up capital was increased to amount of Rp., (Five Billion Rupiah)
  • Market Position

    PT. MKN succeeds to lead in marketing of Gum Rosin and Gum Turpentine as received the majority market share up to 60 % against total production of Perum Perhutani. The rest of 40 % is for others marketing agents and non-agents.

    Indeed, PT. MKN positions as the majority market share for about 95 % of Oieo Pine Resin produced by Inhutani I and Inhutani IV. PT. MKN also controls about 30 market share of derivative rubber manufactured by PTPN ill.

    The major competitors on producer level are China and Brazil. Then, the other competitors are among marketing agents and non-agents of Perum Perhutani.

    As the majority holder of market share. PT. MKN could master the market demand and already prossessed worldwide network. Generally. all buyers knew PT. MKN very well so that PT MKN could take some priorities to serve them. In other words.

    PT. MKN could decide to serve the most profitable buyers.

  • Business

    As explained above that PT. MKN appointed by Perum Perhutani as an export oriented agent of Gum Rosin and Gum Turpentine, therefore all of the activities 100 % for export oriented

    The most long-term buyers are Akzo Nobel, Lawter Speciality Chemicals, Eka Chemicals, Les Derives Resiniques & Terpeniques, Ashland Hercules chemical. Terr Hell & Co GmbH Germany. Co GmbH Germany, G.C Rutteman, Marubeni. and many more.

    The payment term usually uses L/C. both sight L/C and usance L/C, CAD (Cash Against Documents), CAD by 1 month after B/L date and also T/T advance payment.

    After receiving PO (Purchase Order) from buyers, we issued Sales Contract for further confirmation.

  • Affiliated Companies

    1. PT. Nindyabina Abadisentosa (PT. NBA) who deals the same activities with PT. MKN selling Gum Rosin and Gum Turpentine but on different market area especially for Asia region.
    2. PT. Bina Anugerah lnti Kimia (PT. BAIK), who had set up a joint venture company with Perum Perhutani. The shareholders consist of 55 % owned by Perum Perhutani and 45 % hold by PT. BAIK. The total nominal share capital is Rp.,- (Sixty Billion Rupiah). The joint venture company named PT.Perhutani Anugerah Kimia (PT. PAK) is a manufacturer of rosin ester and some 01 their derivatives located in Trenggalek, East Java.
    3. Through PT. BAIK, a land of 1000 ho was fully planted with pine trees nearby Kediri, East Java in the year 2006-2007. This action was taken as our social responsibility for sustaining the forest and our respond to the global environmental challenges.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR )

    As a company who specialise in the natural resources commodities, we aware that we cannot only take from the environment, but we also need to give back to the environment.

    Thus, we are committed to social responsibility, especially to the environment. As part our awareness and concern to our environment and the climate change, through PT. BAIK, ourjoint venture company with Perum Perhutani, a land of 1000 ha nearby Kediri, East Java was fully planted with pine trees in 2006~2007.

    This action absolutely will not stop here and we assure that there will be more in the future.

  • Passion for Our Stakeholder

    We are fast, nimble and flexible in anticipating and responding to our stakeholders’ high expectations in demanding times.
    We engage to our competitors in competing vigorously and justly for business and presenting our effort for competitive offering.

    We challenge in maintaining imperishable and honorable relationships to our stakeholders through our core business.

    we optimistically enable to offer our customers an attractive product range of natural resources commodities.

    We propose our suppliers on innovative and reliable distribution channel and a fair competition without any discrimination or deception.

  • Passion for Our Management

    We are commited to our principles and excellence in execution the business strategy and in achievement the performance targets.

    We consistently act with confidently, urgency, flexibility and efficiency in interpreting our accomplishment.

    We protect and improve the value of shareowners‘ interests through the prudent untilization of our resources and highest standards of legal and ethical conduct in all our business dealings.

    We aim our capital investment on the rapid development of related natural resources industries.

  • Passion for Our People

    We clearly define roles and expectations at every level in the hierarchy for creating an atmosphere of open communication feedback and improvement.

    We aim for engaging, promoting and retaining outstanding employees to deserve their long term commitment.

    We encorage empowerment, responsible, effective and accountable leadership to maintain consistent performance.
    We value relationships based on honesty, trust, mutual respect and the highest standard of business ethics.

    We treat our employees fairly, respect employees’ privacy and maintain employees’ practices on equal opportunity for all employees.

    We are positive enthusiastic and appreciate our employees achievement by focusing on high motivation, operational improvement, innovation and global integration.

  • Vision & Mision

    Being a responsible corporate citizen of the worldwide communities, we endure clear and feasible vision on protecting natural resources field by putting priorities for a secured competitive business while still considering to a sustainable natural resources

    We create and promote every business opportunities due to increase and establish added values for the future growth of our cor business.

    We build a mutual benefit and a sustainable business due to enhance stakeholders satisfactory and loyalty. We develop a business which consistently concern to social responsibility and adapt to environment challenges

  • Foundation of Our Business Value

    Business Competence
    We highly concentrate on acquiring global business competence and specific knowledge of various natural resources industries

    Core Business
    We stay and strengthen our business advantages in the speciality market of natural resources commodities

    Business Orientation
    We dynamically adjust for new environment challenges by pertaining to the sustainable natural resources and eliminating to the effects of climate changes

    Business Expectation
    We focus for the future growth by expanding our core business to niche opportunities and to enter promising new markets Business Culture

    We combine the flexibility to manage the market changes with the clarity and consistency performance to earn high level commitment of our people


PT. Milatronlka Karya Nlaga (PT. MKN)
Jalan Majapahit 27 Surabaya, East Java
Indonesia 60265

E. sales.sby@milatronika.com